Hello! My name is Kira. I'm a designer and a maker, and I love combining different disciplines like engineering and design or computation and crochet.


I've been a crocheter since I was twelve years old, but I grew bored with making the same things with the same patterns. I wondered what other things could be crocheted? What other forms are there?


I launched Generative Crochet as a creative outlet and crochet business to help me answer those questions. It started with me designing a crochet pattern generator that outputs random crochet patterns that I would then make and discover new forms. Through experimentation, those patterns  became functional products or works of art.

Each product is inspired by some kind of computational or generative design, whether from art, architecture, or other related fields. My aim is to reinvigorate my love for crochet and show others just how delightful it can be. Contact me at generativecrochet@gmail.com for questions or comments. Or visit my online portfolio for more of my work.




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