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Issa 2020 Glow Up

Full disclosure, I’m not a New Years' resolution person. I know myself; I know I’ll forget to do the thing I resolved to do, grow discouraged, and quit midway through February, then spend the rest of the year pining after a resolution I knew I couldn’t do. So every year, I usually resolve not to make resolutions, and it works out pretty okay.

But I wanted to try something new this year, just because I’ve noticed habits and character traits in myself that I’d like to change/develop. I have design dreams that I want to realize, and I know I’ll spend my year daydreaming instead of hunkering down to Do The Things.

I got the idea from a video from @evelynfromtheinternets to define a motto, anthem, and vision board for the year, just to set the tone and keep my intentions at the forefront. Mine is a little different from hers since I live on Pinterest and love way too many songs.


“Ready. Fire. Aim. (Put it out there)”

I’m an over-planner by nature. I’ll theorize and analyze for so long, then be so indecisive that nothing gets done. I’ll often have a goal in mind and then prepare into oblivion, get de-motivated, experience self-doubt, become fearful, and never pick up that goal again. I want to stop that. God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power, of love and of a sound mind. So I have no need to be afraid.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll never plan ever. I’m still going to “Ready” myself; in my opinion, there’s no wisdom in doing things completely unprepared. I’m just not going to stay in the infinite loop of preparation. As opportunities come, I aim to be bold and take them. When I have an idea, I’ll design it out and put it out there, without fear of imperfection or backlash, but welcoming any feedback and adjusting things accordingly. I have a feeling I’ll ever be in beta mode, ever iterating, editing, and ideating.

I have so many ideas and designs that I want to put out in the world, whether for the benefit of my own growth or for the benefit of others. And I can’t wait for you guys to see them.


Rather than choosing just one anthem, I decided to have an entire playlist of songs related to my motto. They all have lines or sentiments that relate to change (A Change is Gonna Come), remaining confident in spite of fear (What’s Up Danger), loving unapologetically (Being Alive), or getting things done (Get Up). Most likely, I’ll listen to this playlist whenever I feel like I’m not worth something or I’m delaying a task. Or just to preemptively inspire me on random mornings.

One line from my playlist that especially resonates with me comes from Mary Mary’s Get Up: "What are you afraid of? Don't you know what you're made of? One of God’s greatest creations, take this invitation now". My God can do marvelous things. And He has plans for me that even I can’t fathom. I can’t change myself, but I know the One who has the power to do so. And the moment I accept His help, He gets right to work on molding, shaping, and developing me.

Vision board

Honestly, I was a little skeptical of vision boards in general. It seemed a little strange at first, but I quickly grew comfortable with it. I chalk it up to me being a visual person. Having a visual reminder of my mindset is super useful and helps me not to forget what I’m working towards. To put it further, I made my vision board my phone lock screen and I did a more minimal version for my desktop background. Every time I see it, I can’t help but smile and get excited and hopeful for the future.

I have many images and quotes on my vision board (that I’ll continue to build) but I have a few main topics (again related to my motto).

Putting myself out there

The running theme is doing without fear. Whether it’s in my career, relationships, hobbies, random interactions with strangers, I want to let go of fear and anxiety and really take some risks to Do The Things.

Taking time to relax/setting boundaries

I didn’t think it would make sense to simply have a goal of doing without a goal of resting. I’m sure many can relate to this constant need to work work work, thinking that a constant hustle is necessary to being productive and moving towards success. But for me, what is really happening is that I’m getting burnt out. There’s no balance in the work, and in the hustle to complete the big, “important" things, I would neglect or grow anxious at the little things. Now, I’m prioritizing having boundaries. One of my life rules that I set at the beginning of the year was allowing myself to say “no”. If I think I have to do and be everything perfectly, I’ll be doing myself and those I’m working with a disservice. So I’ll keep telling myself that it’s ok to not do something and to take some time out to just breathe.

Unwavering trust in God

A lot of how I relate to God is through doubt. I’d go through these spiritual highs and lows that can be exhausting. My goal for this year is to not trust so much in my feelings or even in what God can do for me. Rather, I want to trust in God as a Person. I want to know that He can do what is best for me, but have the faith that even if He doesn’t do what I expect, I still trust Him. I expect to have joy and immense hope in the future regardless of what’s happening in the present.

So there’s my motto, anthems, and vision board for 2020, and I’m looking forward to a year of lasting growth. Excited to see where I am at the end!

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