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The Puff Blossom

I’ve always found puff stitches to be a bit annoying. Sometimes the hook would get caught on the yarn and I’d have to restart the stitch at least two more times. But discovering this pattern was nice. I loved the general look of the pattern; the regular puffs added an interesting graphic regularity to the pattern, almost like it were striped.

The randomly generated pattern

I first tried the pattern on a light gray yarn and noticed something interesting when I got to the second to last round. Based on my interpretation, the fewer double crochet stitches caused the piece to fold in on itself, creating its own opportunity for a seam. After finishing that round I decided to stop there and not crochet the last round of puff stitches. The piece already had a clear front and back (and potential seam), so figured that there was no need to have another round of puffs.

The actual pattern for the Puff Blossom

This was one of the few patterns that I thought could stand on its own with its wonderful texture. And depending on the material used, that texture could be more or less pronounced. I’d like to try this with a really thick cotton rope to see what happens texture- and scale-wise, but I’ll need to get that material first.

As to what this pattern could make, my initial thoughts were jewelry. The shape lends itself well to earrings or a necklace pendant, but I bet it could work for a larger wall hanging with multiple Puff Blossoms or with larger yarn. Because of is natural seam, it could also serve as a top for a crocheted container.

In the meantime, here are some sketches and products for the Puff Blossom. In all, I did sketches with worsted and sport weight acrylic yarn, knitting ribbon, mercerized cotton, and bamboo yarn.

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